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Baker family - Waikoloa family photographer

I am so thankful to have family here. And not just any family. THIS one. It's kind of incredible how God brought them from North Dakota and us from Idaho all the way to Hawaii. Early on, when we were all having babies every other year, we really didn't get to see each other much. All those beautiful kids would grow up and change, and we'd have to catch up on everything maybe once a year. Now, we see each other . . . a lot. Haha! I won't say we see them TOO much, because they're watching my kids next week and I have to keep the family relations nice and tight. While I'm saying nice things about them though, I have to relate that they are doing an amazing job leading Big Island Baptist Church. It seems like God has been preparing them all their lives for this particular work. We are just so happy and blessed to be able to help them a little bit in the process. Love them so much.

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