Happy family time - Waikoloa family photographer

Although a lot of extended families get their pictures done in Hawaii, I really love when a single family has the time to hang out with me on a beach during their vacation. Sometimes they come dreading the "family picture torture" time they expect. But it's so not that! They take their shoes off, laugh, throw rocks, climb trees, and spend some quiet moments remembering why they love their family. In the meantime, I snap away. And now and then, they forget that I'm even there

Family gathering - Kona family photographer

It's amazing how many families choose to come back to Hawaii year after year. Once it's in your blood, I guess it's pretty hard to stay away. And then it's pretty special to pass on the tradition to your kids and even your grandkids! I was happy to snap some pictures for this beautiful family as they walked the beaches of Kona and made some more memories in their favorite place. See you next year! #waikoloafamilyphotographer #Konafamilyphotographer #konachildrensphotographer

Owen family at the beach - Kona family photographer

What a perfect morning with the smiliest little boy EVER. If only everyone was so happy to have their picture taken. Of course, it makes it a little easier if you get to run in the sand and throw rocks into the ocean. Documenting this little family's first trip to Hawaii was a breeze. If you're looking for a fun and relaxed Hawaii portrait session, let's hook up! #hawaiibeachphotography #konachildrensphotographer #bigislandhawaiifamilyphotographer #Konafamilyphotographer

Hawaii flower girl - Kona children's photographer

This is my baby. She promised that she'd always be my baby, but I have a sinking suspicion that she'll break that promise sooner than later! I always take some special pictures of my kids around their birthday, and Josie has been begging for hers. She is the fourth child, and as such, she lives quite a different life than the first child did. For starters, it's amazing she's still alive considering I didn't read any baby books when she was born and I'm pretty sure I've missed

Baker's at the Beach - Kona family photographer

I had tears in my eyes when I saw them at the airport. I knew I would. When we moved to Hawaii 6 months ago, I was pretty sure the hardest thing would be leaving this particular family. And it was. Not everybody is lucky enough to grow up with their best friend as their sister and go through all of life's big events with her by their side. It seemed like our lives have always been strangely parallel. From marrying brothers a month apart, to having a baby every other year, to

Black family - Kona family photographer

We were just getting to know this family! And deciding that we liked them! And then they move! Sorry about all the exclamations, but the points must be made. Jen and Trey we wish you all the best as you move back to the mainland. I hope you can look back at these pictures and remember your year in Hawaii with joy! Not many get the opportunity to live in paradise for more than a week. We will miss you so much! #Konafamilyphotographer #konachildrensphotographer #hawaiibeachphot

Life and Light Hawaii Photography - new blog

If you'd like to catch up on my blog from the past (otherwise known as Gingersnap Photography) you can do that right here! As far as I know, things you put on the internet never really ever disappear (that's kind of scary and nice all at the same time) so you should be able to hop back in time and view past photos for as long as you like. You could even go way back to some of my first posts as a photographer, when I still didn't know what I was doing (but thought I did). Agai