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Stephanie + Greg - Hawi Wedding

Driving up to Hawi on Stephanie and Greg's wedding day, I saw the clouds, but kept my fingers crossed that they would come and go (as they often do in Hawaii). Alas, it was not to be. The clouds stayed, along with the intermittent showers. But for Greg and Stephanie, it was just a side note. They rolled with the punches and made adjustments, still dreaming of their perfect wedding in Hawaii. Although they live in Las Vegas, they both have friends and family on the Big Island, and they always knew that's where they would start their life together. 30 of their closest family and friends joined them for an extended wedding celebration at the gorgeous Stone Crusher Retreat in Hawi. Right before the ceremony, we all looked nervously at the sky, but the rain held off. Stephanie and Greg made promises of love and commitment, and their loved ones watched with tears and cheers. About 10 minutes before sunset, the sun came streaming brilliantly under the clouds, giving us just a few minutes to enjoy it, but we made the most of it! Thank you so much Stephanie and Greg - I hope your wedding day was everything you imagined.

Florals - Ainahua Florals

Photography - Life and Light Hawaii

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