Jio & Ashley - Kona Hawaii Wedding

Shooting weddings in a place like Hawaii is. . . just so darn fun! #1. People are super chill and make you feel like family. #2. It's gorgeous. Everywhere. Ashley and Jio are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. I knew it when I met them, but it was totally confirmed when I saw them interacting with all their friends and family on their wedding day. When the speeches go long because everyone has so many special things to say about you - that's a good thing! I also love

Steven + Talitha - Hawaii Vow Renewal

Whenever a couple repeats their vows at a wedding, I can't help but think back to my own. Standing there, making promises. It's impossible to see what's in the future and the predict the unusual circumstances that will test those sacred vows. But as the years go by, and the promises ring true despite the bills, the inconveniences, the doldrums, those vows become sweeter and each word holds meaning. Steven and Talitha celebrated 10 years in Hawaii, and the tears in their eyes

Stephanie + Greg - Hawi Wedding

Driving up to Hawi on Stephanie and Greg's wedding day, I saw the clouds, but kept my fingers crossed that they would come and go (as they often do in Hawaii). Alas, it was not to be. The clouds stayed, along with the intermittent showers. But for Greg and Stephanie, it was just a side note. They rolled with the punches and made adjustments, still dreaming of their perfect wedding in Hawaii. Although they live in Las Vegas, they both have friends and family on the Big Island,