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Houston, we have liftoff.

Yay! I'm so incredibly excited to launch my new photography website here in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. After living in the beautiful mountains of Idaho for most of my growing up life, we said goodbye to everything familiar and jumped on a plane across the ocean. About 2 years ago, both Jason and I begin to wonder if God might have us move to Hawaii to help his brother with a little church he was starting. It seemed like such a far-off dream at the time, but here I am typing with a tropical breeze floating through my windows and palm trees swaying in my front yard. Sometimes I have to pinch myself! Hard. God has been so good in my life, and I'm grateful to be able to serve Him in a beautiful place. On top of that, I get to take pictures here. Are you kidding me? Everywhere I look, there are potential backdrops and amazing vistas. Well, except for the dry, endless fields of lava rock. Haha! I suppose even that can be beautiful in the right light! So let's get to work! If you are visiting the Big Island of Hawaii and would like some pictures of your stay in paradise or if you live here and want to take advantage of paradise being in your backyard, call me up! Memories are waiting to be made.

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