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Family Time

1 cabin. 21 people. 5 days. So much fun! As part of our visit to Idaho, we were able to spend some time up in Donnelly with my family. Of course, I couldn't pass up the opportunity for family photos (insert collective groan from beloved family members) amidst the beautiful and rugged Idaho wilderness (technically the backyard to our cabin). Honestly, taking pictures of family has to be harder than . . . just about anything I can think of at the moment! For example, this is what has happened in the past when we use the delayed timer on my camera so I can be in the picture.

It only takes about 15 tries or so before the joke gets really old and everybody smiles for the picture. Luckily, the two main culprits (cough, cough) were burdened down with toddlers this time around and they both decided on their own that happy toddlers were better than running in front of the camera for laughs. It took 2 nights and a lot of bribery (to the guys, not the toddlers), but we managed to capture some pictures that I will treasure for ever. It would take another blog post to include all the craziness from the rest of the week, like cutthroat Dutch Blitz games and a spontaneous obstacle course competition, so I'll just leave that your imagination. Love this family!

Haha! We brought our slippers from Hawaii!

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