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Ellen - Class of 2018 - Hawaii Senior Pictures

Where do I start??? I just can't believe this beautiful girl is all grown up and ready to jump into adulthood (kind of, right?). She is the first of the Baker clan to hit this milestone and I'm thinking how much life will change in the next few years as so many of her cousins follow suit. It's so sad and exciting all at the same time! Ellen, I've been thinking how thankful I am to be able to know you so well during this stage of your life. I didn't know you as well when you were a little girl - although I heard a lot of stories! I feel like we're friends, even though I am old and you are not. I'm so excited to see what (and who;)) God brings into your life and I will hunt you down and embarrass you in public if you ever get too cool for your most favorite aunt. I know all your other favorite aunts will too. I love laughing, and talking, and planning, and being around you. You are the sweetest and the best. Aloha!

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