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Holly + Heath - Winter wedding

Well, yes I am a photographer in Kona, Hawaii, but I went all the way back to the land of snow and ice to be a part of Holly and Heath's wedding in Idaho. I was thrilled that it worked out for both of us! I think I've known Holly since she was 2 or 3, so it was incredibly special to see her marry her best friend from behind my camera lens. It's always interesting how God brings two people together at the right time. After experiencing a lot of ups and downs in their own lives, Holly and Heath finally were introduced by a mutual friend. And it seems that almost right away, they knew that love had arrived. Holly and Heath, I'm so very happy for you!!! Thanks again for letting me be a part of your amazing day. Amazing and cold. And a special shout out to the fierce wedding party, who braved 5 degree weather without complaint (ok, maybe a few complaints). You were awesome!

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