Emma - Class of 2018

I never thought the timing would work out, but I was able to shoot senior pictures for one of my favorite teens in Idaho this past month! I absolutely cannot believe that Emma is a senior, ready to take on the world. She has always been a beautiful, sweet girl, but it's amazing to see her confidence and personality developing as she moves towards this next stage of life. I miss not being able to watch her play volleyball or have her babysit my kids or hear her tell a (long) s

Keili + Mark - Waikoloa Elopement Photographer

There is something rather magical about an elopement ceremony. Two people, completely alone in the universe, pledging their lives and their love to each other. Keili and Mark planned their whole wedding in the space of 24 hours, and it made for some spontaneous, beautiful moments between them. No stress, no deadlines, just a walk in the sand followed by words of love. Keili and Mark, if the smiles on your faces are any indication, you are sure to have a lifetime of happiness.

Happy family time - Waikoloa family photographer

Although a lot of extended families get their pictures done in Hawaii, I really love when a single family has the time to hang out with me on a beach during their vacation. Sometimes they come dreading the "family picture torture" time they expect. But it's so not that! They take their shoes off, laugh, throw rocks, climb trees, and spend some quiet moments remembering why they love their family. In the meantime, I snap away. And now and then, they forget that I'm even there

Kaela - Island girl

Well if there's a pretty girl staying at my house, I have to plan a photo shoot! We've been so blessed to have Kaela with us for the last 5 weeks. It's been amazing getting to know her and showing her our favorite spots around the island. She, on the other hand, had to put up with our family and get used to living with 4 little kids! I'm still not quite used to that myself. Actually, the photo shoot might be something of a bribe (or blackmail) so that she doesn't tell everyon