Em - Growing up in Hawaii

I wonder if my kids really understand how blessed they are? Waking up with the ocean in view and adventure around every corner. I honestly don't know if we'll live in Hawaii forever, so I hope they enjoy and appreciate every day and every experience. I know that God is using all of this to make each of them into unique people, and I'm so thankful for this time in our life. My special prayer for Em, is that she will grow up with a beautiful understanding of who God is and what He has given her. So that she can live her life in response to that. #hawaiifamilyphotographer #familyphotographer #waikoloaphotography #waikoloafamilyphotographer #bigislandchildrensphotographer #waimeaphotographer #bi

Steven + Talitha - Hawaii Vow Renewal

Whenever a couple repeats their vows at a wedding, I can't help but think back to my own. Standing there, making promises. It's impossible to see what's in the future and the predict the unusual circumstances that will test those sacred vows. But as the years go by, and the promises ring true despite the bills, the inconveniences, the doldrums, those vows become sweeter and each word holds meaning. Steven and Talitha celebrated 10 years in Hawaii, and the tears in their eyes and the words between them were evidence that marriage wasn't always easy, but it was always worth it. #bigislandweddingphotographer #hawaiiwedding #konawedding #konavowrenewal #konaengagementphotographer #bigislandengag

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