Pololu Valley Hike - Kona Family Photographer

If you're looking for a fairly quick hike with amazing views, be sure to check out Pololu Valley while you're on the Big Island. I can't believe we lived here over a year before exploring it! The access point is about 20 minutes north of Hawi and is basically the end of the road as you head north. We had a beautiful clear day with a bit of a breeze. Perfect. After catching the breathtaking view at the top, we headed down the trail. It is definitely rocky and a bit steep in places, but overall very manageable for anyone in decent shape. My kids were down it twice as fast as we were!! If you have smaller children though, watch out for a few dropoffs that can surprise you around the corners. Pe

Ashley Rose - Hawaii Senior Photographer

I had such a lovely time wandering around Kona, looking for little pockets of color for Ashley Rose. We've been planning her pictures for months, and we were both excited to see some of our ideas come to life. I absolutely love shooting senior pictures. It's a challenge to try and present all the bits and pieces that make up a person in a couple of photographs. Ashley Rose is a dancer, musician, science girl (like myself!), and lover of all things beautiful. I hope you can see some of her vibrant spirit in these pictures. Thank you Ashley Rose - have an amazing senior year!

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