Bird family - Kona family photographer

Sometimes I pinch myself when I think I get paid to hang out on the beach with cool people. And take all kinds of fun pictures! Seriously, this family reminds me of my own. . . ready to have fun at the drop of a hat and never satisfied with "normal." And just waiting for opportunities to throw each other in the ocean! We had a gloriously breezy evening on the beach with storm clouds to our left and sunshine to the right. Thanks amazing Bird family for just being you and making my job so darn easy. May the big island always have a special place in your heart! Aloha. #Konafamilyphotographer #bigislandhawaiifamilyphotographer #hawaiibeachphotography

Black family - Kona family photographer

We were just getting to know this family! And deciding that we liked them! And then they move! Sorry about all the exclamations, but the points must be made. Jen and Trey we wish you all the best as you move back to the mainland. I hope you can look back at these pictures and remember your year in Hawaii with joy! Not many get the opportunity to live in paradise for more than a week. We will miss you so much! #Konafamilyphotographer #konachildrensphotographer #hawaiibeachphotography

Hiking Pu'u Wa'awa'a - Big Island adventures

Since we've only lived here on the big island of Hawaii for about 5 months, we haven't quite seen EVERYTHING. Haha! There is so much here to explore, which makes the adventurer in me all giddy inside. I sometimes feel like a Westward-Ho! pioneer. I was born in Florida, spent my childhood in Illinois, later moved to Idaho and just recently moved to Hawaii. In order to keep moving West and still live in the United States, Guam is my only option. Hmmmm. you never know! Anyway, I love discovering new places and I quite randomly like to take a road I've passed a hundred times and finally discover where it leads. I have ulterior motives in that I'm also looking for places to take pictures (not all

Life and Light Hawaii Photography - new blog

If you'd like to catch up on my blog from the past (otherwise known as Gingersnap Photography) you can do that right here! As far as I know, things you put on the internet never really ever disappear (that's kind of scary and nice all at the same time) so you should be able to hop back in time and view past photos for as long as you like. You could even go way back to some of my first posts as a photographer, when I still didn't know what I was doing (but thought I did). Again, scary and nice all at the same time. Here's something a little more recent:) #Konafamilyphotographer #konachildrensphotographer

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